Bride and Prejudice

Bonnie R. Paulson

Pride left her heart at the altar. Will she destroy her second chance at happiness?

Tessa’s pride drove her to Austin, leaving her heart in Bride, Texas.

But she’s not her mother and making the same mistakes in love isn’t an option. When her mom dies, Tessa must return and face the man she left at the altar – with his son in tow.

JJ flourished after Tessa left him, even though his ego was smashed on the floor. He’d moved on and made something of himself. Now Tessa’s back and they own a business together. What if he loses everything all over again?

With so much between them, how will JJ react when he finds out she’s staying? How will Tessa survive when she sees he’s with someone else?

Can the luck-in-love that the small town of Bride is known for be enough to help Tessa win a second chance at love? Or is Tessa doomed to the consequences of her pride?

Grab this sweet romance set in the heart of Bride, Texas and fall for the town and its residents with every page.

Real people, real loss, real love.

USA Today Bestselling author, Bonnie focuses on the emotional thrill of the romance, the discovery of self and the dynamic forces at play to both pull and push love growth.

With 6 children and her own eternal romance at home, Bonnie lives her own dream every day. She's spoiled with blessings and wants to share the joy of ever-after possibilities with others.

Whether it's a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now, the emotions will leave you story drunk for days, if not years.

Feel good romances with sweet twists. Or is it Sweet romances with bold twists? You decide.